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Welcome!  It takes courage to want to work on growth, change, and acceptance.  You might feel  stuck between both the need for acceptance and the need for change in areas of your life.  As a therapist, I help people in this change process.  My experience in treating substance use, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, self harm, and eating disorders has given me the background to help individuals and families with complex problems.

Therapy is being embraced within our culture!  It has become acceptable to reach out for help, to address problems in our lives, and to seek another perspective.  Those that do reach out for help get the opportunity to fully be heard, to feel validation, and to begin stepping forward in the healing process. 

My Approach to Therapy

I value all life.  I value the importance of freedom and intra-personal freedom.  I see all of us as doing our best AND, we can work to do better.  I think good strategy gives good results.  I know we all need to be seen, heard, cared about, and given another try.  People can heal, relationships can mend, and we can make it through our most difficult moments.  

Therapy is meant to fit your needs.  I embrace an integrative approach to psychotherapy.  I started practicing  as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in 2002.  Over the years and through training, I have developed  specialized treatment  to address complex challenges.   My hope is to help people heal and grow in their lives and relationships.  My approach includes kindness, humor, sound strategy and skill implementation.

My primary areas of specialization are EMDR, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Eating Disorder Specialization, and Relational Therapy (Couples, Family Systems).

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