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I am Parker Newton, CMHC

My primary goal is creating an emotionally open and safe space for people to explore, grow and ultimately heal. Relationship and connection is the key to change!


Let’s do the work together! 

What the Work means to Me: 

  • Having the courage to ask for help in the first place. 

  • Being vulnerable, honest, and transparent with another human being. 

  • Getting to the underlying pain, shame, or trauma that’s preventing you from having a Free Heart. 

Along with Brainstorming, one of my favorite approaches is “HeartStorming”. My goal is to create the space for You to do the work. Autonomy and self-efficacy are two of my main principles. People tend to sweep their pain “under the rug”. I can’t sweep it out for you, but I’ll hold the rug.


My Approach to Therapy

I am the type of therapist that brings energy into your sessions.  I can join you in your tears, your laughter, your problem solving, and your vulnerabilities. 


I am passionate in wanting to help you free yourself from the underlying pain and shame that prevents you from having a free heart and mind.   I want to help you heal your attachment injuries to repair the deep wounds you have experienced. 

My therapeutic mindset is heavily experiential, non-traditional, and fun! I love to incorporate aspects of the natural world into the therapy process. Let's talk about how we can help you bring this into your life.  

- University of Maine - Portland/Gorham - Bachelor of Arts in Theater/Film Production

- Prescott College - Prescott, AZ, Masters of Science - Clinical Mental Health Counseling - Post Master’s

- Certificates: - Adventure-Based Psychotherapy - Addiction Counseling

- EMDR Trained (in process of becoming Certified)

- Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy 

- Mindfulness Meditation

- Motivational Interviewing 

- Nature-Based Expeditions 

- Produced TV/Film in NYC+LA - 11 Years 

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