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A comprehensive, inclusive, and strategic approach to therapy

Trevor Hardcastle, LMFT

Welcome! It takes courage to want to work on growth, change, and acceptance. You might feel stuck between both the need for acceptance and the need for change in areas of your life. As a therapist, I help people in this change process. My experience in treating substance use, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, self harm, and eating disorders has given me the background to help individuals and families with complex problems.

Therapy is being embraced within our culture! It has become acceptable to reach out for help, to address problems in our lives, and to seek another perspective. Those that do reach out for help get the opportunity to fully be heard, to feel validation, and to begin stepping forward in the healing process.

Samantha Olson, CMHC

Clinical Mental Health Counselor

I strive to help individuals who are seeking change in their lives by using a collaborative approach; this is your journey! I want to help you discover self-empowerment through the healing process.

I specialize in working with those who struggle with eating disorders and disordered eating; anxiety; depression; interpersonal challenges; substance use; and trauma related to domestic violence, attachment, faith transition, and abuse. I am an LGBTQ+ -affirmative therapist.

Roberto Lara, CSW

I firmly believe that it is through a non-judgmental alliance between individual and therapist that the process of personal growth and overcoming challenges occurs. This is a relationship based on genuine openness, unconditional positive regard, and empathy. When I approach my work with individuals, I am mindful that those with whom I am working are the experts of their own lives. My role is to come along to offer a new perspective and to assist them in discovering unique outcomes and to re-authorize their life stories to achieve their goals, wishes, and desires in life.

Yo creo firmemente que es a través de una alianza sin prejuicios entre el cliente y el terapeuta que el proceso de crecimiento personal y superación de los desafíos ocurre. Esta relación está basada en empatía, una apertura genuina, y consideración positiva incondicional. Cuando abordo mi trabajo con clientes, siempre tengo presente que son ellos mismos los expertos de sus propias vidas. Mi rol principal, como terapeuta, es el de acompañarlos en el proceso, ofreciéndoles una perspectiva fresca y diferente. Con mi contribución de esta nueva perspectiva ayudo a mis clientes a descubrir resultados únicos y re-autorizar las historias en sus vidas para lograr las metas, deseos y anhelos que ellos puedan tener.