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Life is beautiful, as well as challenging. I respect all who are trying to grow, learn and confront that which is difficult. Many of us live life keeping aspects of ourselves and experience closely guarded. The tragedy is many others are doing the same and we often miss the opportunity to realize we are not alone in what makes us human. When we take courageous steps to become more vulnerable around who we are, we can honor our worth and be better equipped to connect with people in meaningful ways.

My Approach to Therapy

My approach to therapy includes Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). FIT is an evidenced-based practice valuing the therapeutic relationship in change processes. It also helps monitor treatment outcomes to support productive therapy and inform when adjustments may be needed. DBT combines western cognitive psychology and eastern wisdom, including mindfulness. It teaches interpersonal effectiveness and a variety of skills to help us improve our emotional relationship to self and with other people. I like to incorporate actionable practices, exposure concepts to stretch ourselves and promote growth, and other modalities that honor a variety of holistic processes occurring in all of us.  

Michael is a native Utahn. After doing nonprofit counseling with underserved populations and teaching at a university in Colorado, he has enjoyed returning to his roots around the Greater Salt Lake Area. Michael has extensive treatment experience with families, teenagers and parents. He has also worked with young adults as they bridge life into college years, as well as in behavioral health settings under Primary Children’s and within Huntsman Mental Health Institute (formerly UNI) with clients at all levels of care.

Having supported those experiencing anxiety and depressed mood, Michael can integrate exposure methods to assist with social anxiety and obsessive-compulsive processes. Usual clients range from adolescence through adulthood, individual, family, couples and parenting work. Michael’s approach is client-centered and knows therapy works best when people are active participants in their care.

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