EMDR Consulting

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EMDR Training

I am a trainer and coach for EMDR Consulting. https://emdrconsulting.com/. Therapists often feel unprepared working with client's trauma. Fear of making mistakes often inhibits therapists from helping clients overcome these painful memories.

EMDR provides a tool and path to learn how to work with client trauma. Our model teaches how to help clients resolve painful memories and work on negative core beliefs that have been formed due to their lifetime experiences. EMDR provides the structure therapists need to help work through these complex issues.

If you are interested in participating in one of my trainings you can register here: https://emdrconsulting.com/training/calendar/?event_cat=null

Our team of trainers and coaches are dedicated to helping you learn how to integrate EMDR into your practice.

EMDR Consultation and Certification

I have been an EMDRIA approved Consultant since 2018. Consultation helps therapists develop and expand their use of EMDR. I see EMDR as a tool for integration into your practice. EMDR can become a modality that compliments what you already do.

My consultation approach includes helping clinicians integrate EMDR into their practice. With my background in Eating Disorder Treatment, training in DBT, work with a wide variety of populations, I approach EMDR consultation with the ability to look through multiple lenses. I hope to help practitioners increase their confidence, work through fears, and tackle complex client issues with the use of EMDR.